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Speak Up in Opposition to EPA’s Formaldehyde Risk Evaluation!


Speak Up in Opposition to EPA’s Formaldehyde Risk Evaluation!


If you use formalin-based fish therapeutics to control fungus on eggs or external parasites, then take action and talk to your Senators and House member! The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) organized a virtual meeting May 20-23 on a proposed risk evaluation on formaldehyde. EPA’s assessment determines that virtually all uses of formaldehyde they looked at (including manufacturing, processing, distribution, industrial, commercial, and commercial uses) constitute an “unreasonable risk” under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which is likely to trigger bans or unachievable workplace standards.

The National Aquaculture Association walked the hill at the same time speaking to House and Senate Offices about the draft formaldehyde risk assessment.  We found Congress was: 1) very interested in learning how U.S. aquaculture may be impacted, 2) how fish health and care may be impacted and 3) are considering a variety of means to oppose or modify a potential regulation.

Congress needs to hear from you and the NAA provides the tools to do so:


 One-page change the EPA risk method summary provided by the NAA

Formaldehyde 101 talking points

Two-page agriculture impact summary provided by the American Chemistry Council

Talking to Congress!

You don’t have to attempt to contact House and Senate offices in Washington.  Each member has district or state offices.  Get to know these staff.  Invite them to your farm! Click here to find your Representatives | and here for your U.S. Senate: Contacting U.S. Senators.

If you have questions, please contact the NAA Office at or 850-443-3456.

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