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EDA-Aquatic Design Services, /LLC

EDA-Aquatic Design Services

EDA-Aquatic Design Services, /LLC


Professional Services for the Aquaculture Industry and Beyond.

Welcome to EDA-Aquatics, your premier partner in the Aquaculture Industry. We specialize in providing unique solutions to achieve specific goals in commercial aquaculture and fish restoration and enhancement projects. Whatever your production goals, we can optimize the design to ensure your systems maintain excellent water quality, fish welfare and operational flexibility.

Industry Expertise

EDA-Aquatics is driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to advancing the Aquaculture Industry. The company consistently pushes the boundaries of technology and design to create solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of this dynamic sector. We understand the importance of staying at the forefront of industry trends, which is why we offer Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology training and invest in cutting-edge educational and research system design. At EDA-Aquatics, we don’t just provide services, we foster a culture of continuous improvement and sustainability, ensuring our clients thrive in an increasingly competitive and environmentally conscious world.

Edward D. Aneshansley

Edward D. Aneshansley

President and Founder

Through EDA-Aquatic Design Services, Ed Aneshansley continues to advance the development of the Commercial Aquaculture space with his deep knowledge in RAS design, construction, commissioning, and operations. With 20 years of direct experience coupled with his professional status as an environmental engineer, Ed is well suited to lead all activities from permitting to steady state biomass development and operational optimization. Ed’s educational background in Natural Resources from the University of Maine, and a Masters in the field of Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Cornell University, forms a strong foundation for the work he has done over the last two decades in the field of Aquaculture. Ed continues to support RAS industry growth through education and training seminars with the US Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute Recirculating Aquaculture Short Course and private training seminars for engineering firms working in this space.

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