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Ozark Fisheries, Inc.

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Ozark Fisheries, Inc.


Ozark Fisheries is a 4th generation family owned and operated ornamental goldfish and koi farm. Since 1926, Ozark Fisheries has been raising and selling quality goldfish and koi throughout North America. Ozark Fisheries has two farm locations, with our headquarters and original farm located near Stoutland, Missouri. In 1970, Ozark Fisheries purchased a second farm in Martinsville, Indiana. The Indiana farm was originally established in 1899 as Grassyfork Fisheries and is one of the oldest, continuously operated private fish farms in the United States. With 2 farm locations we are better able to service our customers throughout the continental US. Both the Missouri and Indiana farms raise several varieties of goldfish including common, sarasa, and shubunkin, red and calico fantail goldfish, standard fin and butterfly koi, rosie red and fathead minnows, as well as bullfrog tadpoles, trapdoor snails and crayfish. Our fish are all born and raised in the United States. We ship directly from our farm to our customer’s doorstep.

Ozark Fisheries is a member of the National Aquaculture Association as well as members of the Missouri and Indiana Aquaculture Associations. Ozark Fisheries is currently managed by the 3rd and 4th generations and looking forward to celebrating 100 years of operation in 2026.

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Ozark Fisheries is a 4th generation family owned and operated ornamental goldfish and koi farm. We raise goldfish including common, sarasa, shubunkin, red and calico fantails. We have standard and butterfly fin koi as well as rosie red minnows,  black fathead minnows, trapdoor snails, crayfish, bullfrog tadpoles, and mosquito fish. 


Ozark Fisheries Cleveland Family Photo
Ozark Fisheries Missouri farm
Ozark Fisheries Martinsville, Indiana
Ozark Fisheries Koi
Ozark Fisheries Assorted Goldfish
Ozark Fisheries Fantail Goldfish
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