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Novair USA


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NOVAIR is the global leader in onsite oxygen, nitrogen, air & vacuum generating equipment. NOVAIR USA Corporation, located near Niagara Falls, NY, USA, manufactures efficient, durable, and cost-effective onsite oxygen generators which increase the dissolved oxygen (DO) level in any Aquaculture system, promoting healthier and better-tasting fish that have been raised in a pristine oxygen-rich environment. NOVAIR oxygen generators are built from the highest quality US-made materials based on longstanding PSA technology, but with significant upgrades thanks to constant ongoing research and development. Oxygen generating systems developed by NOVAIR can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any size fish farm operation. Through NOVAIR reliable, eco-friendly, and safe oxygen generators, farms are able to greatly increase stocking densities.

Obtain higher levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) for your fish farm with a NOVAIR oxygen system and your average weights and survival rates will be enhanced.

Click to learn more about our oxygen generator solutions for aquaculture, or go to our website at, or check us out on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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