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L26: Fingerling Certificate for Tiger Bass - 10,000

L26: Fingerling Certificate for Tiger Bass - 10,000

Donated by American Sportfish Hatchery Group

L26: Fingerling Certificate for 10,000 Tiger bass (1 - 1.5") available late May of 2024. 

Tiger Bass® is a one of a kind fish. They are aggressive and fast-growing.

Created by our team of scientists, the Tiger Bass® has been specially bred for aggressiveness and fast growth. In well-managed lakes, they have consistently gained more than two pounds per year. Biologists refer to this fish as a true F-1, because it is a cross between two pure subspecies of bass: a special strain of aggressive Northern Bass and a pure strain of Florida Bass that comes from a proven trophy line. American Sport Fish is the only hatchery licensed to produce and sell the Tiger Bass.

The world record bass, which weighed 22 pounds and 4 ounces, came from southern Georgia. It is thought to be a northern/Florida intergrade. Our Tiger Bass have already gained weight of 15 pounds in eight years. We expect them to break state records in the next several years.

Value: $3,000

Handling: Pick up at the American Sportfish farm near Montgomery, Alabama.

Donated by: American Sportfish Hatchery Group

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